London Hypnosis Practitioner Online
London Hypnosis Practitioner Online
London Hypnosis Practitioner Online

This Hypnosis Practitioner course, designed and written by Michael Carroll, is the ideal learning opportunity for people seeking a Hypnosis based career. The modular online programme covers different styles of Hypnosis, and the step by step formats for working with clients on issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation, habit change, health challenges, and emotional issues which cause stress and anxiety. The LHA Practitioner course syllabus is both broad and deep, providing future hypnotists with the most comprehensive Hypnosis education in the world.

The course style overlaps Hypnosis theory with practice, and lots of observation of Hypnosis in action. During the course, you will observe Hypnosis Master Trainer, Michael Carroll conduct live demos, so you will see and hear each hypnotic intervention in action, experience lectures on the live demos, then practice with your course colleagues and receive feedback from the course supervisors. Between modules, you will receive tasks to further deepen your learnings and prepare you for the next module

Typical Attendees

  • People looking for a career change to become professional Hypnosis Practitioners
  • Therapists and Coaches who seek to include Hypnosis as an option for their clients
  • Sports Coaches seeking to use Hypnosis as an ultimate ‘mind over matter’ tool in high performance sports
  • Medical Practitioners, seeking to pass on the many health benefits from Hypnosis to their clients and patients
  • NLP Practitioners and Trainers, seeking to deepen their academic knowledge and practical experience with the different forms of Hypnosis
  • Anyone who is interested in the mind, and life possibilities Hypnosis brings

The Modules

The LHA Hypnosis Practitioner course is designed over 4 modules, each consisting of 3 days. The individual modules have their own unique learning theme. The skills you learn on each module build cumulatively in knowledge and practice giving you an enjoyable and successful learning experience on this fascinating subject.

London Hypnosis Foundations Skills

 13 - 15 January 2023

In any discipline a solid foundation of knowledge is essential for eventual mastery of the subject. In this module, you will learn the history of Hypnosis, what it really is, how it works, and various baseline hypnotic inductions to pave the way to the future modules. This is the core of Hypnosis, which is missing on so many other courses.

Module Content

Ericksonian Bespoke Hypnosis

 24 - 26 February 2023

The genius of Milton Erickson revolutionised Hypnosis, making it more personal to the client, more natural, and taking the mystery out of Hypnosis and trance. In this module, you will learn how to construct trances using a certain style of language, and how to build non linear trances though metaphors, tasking as well as non verbal Hypnosis.

Module Content

Hypnosis for Habit Change

 17 - 19 March 2023

Hypnosis is known for being an excellent resource to change redundant habits and create new choices. In this module, you will learn the hypnotic psychology that underpins habits, why some habits seem very difficult to change using willpower, and how the power of Hypnosis is really effective in habit change, offering smokers, overeaters, over drinkers, and people with OCD freedom from the shackles of the habits that really hold them back.

Module Content

Hypnosis for Deep Transformation

 14 - 16 April 2023

In this module we go deep into trance to explore the deep essence of personality and how the individual character of a person has been sculpted by life events. Personality is not created randomly, it's built through life experience. You will work with trauma and other life issues, and by using Hypnosis learn to give yourself and others the psychological freedom we all deserve.

Module Content

The modules in their totality cover all aspects of Hypnosis for many different forms of application. This provides an extensive skill set for the modern day Hypnosis Practitioner to build a thriving business in helping people be free of their old problems, and have access to choices that were previously a dream.

With Hypnosis, your dreams can become your reality.

Course Investment

Full Investment

£6,000.00 + VAT (£7,200.00)

Early Booking Investment

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£2,500.00 + 20% VAT


Saving you £4,200.00

Until 30 September 2022

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